Metallurgy Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic testing is used to find internal defects or flaws within your material. In our testing, ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the material through a couplant. The signals that are received back determine whether an obstruction or void is present within the material. Ultrasonic flaw analysis can show any inconsistencies within a material sample.

Ultrasonic Testing Advantage: Portability

One advantage of ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing is that it can be done at your facility. Our level 2 technicians carry our portable ultrasonic testing units to your location to conduct non-destructive tests on your material. A Sonatest 250 is used to identify internal voids or other subsurface irregularities. We perform testing to a variety of common international and customer standards. Since results are immediate, you’ll know how to respond to any flaws quickly.

Metallurgy Ultrasonic (UT) & Flaw Analysis Testing

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Please note: Titan Metallurgy typically focuses on metals for industrial use, although we do enjoy a bit of historical metallurgy from time to time. Unfortunately, we can’t date or value metals or minerals and don’t have the ability to test rock, ore, or meteorites.