Titan Metallurgy in Industry

Titan Metallurgy provides mechanical testing, metallurgical testing, and value-added testing for a wide range of industries. Materials we have worked with and tested include:

    • Wrought steel and stainless steel
    • Steel and stainless-steel components
    • Tool steel
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Forgings
    • Castings of iron, steel, and aluminum
    • PVD/CVD coatings
    • Nickel plating
    • Phosphate coatings (Mn or Zn)
    • Chrome plating/hard chrome
    • Thermal Spray (HVOF/Plasma)
    • Carburized, Nitrided, and Ferritic Nitrocarburized components
    • Heat-treated components including
      • Quench and temper
      • Normalize
      • Annealing
      • Aging

Titan in the Steel Manufacturing, Foundry, and Forging Industries

Titan Metallurgy has many steel manufacturing, foundry and forging customers that rely on our expertise and testing services. We understand the unique issues and challenges of these industries and work closely with our customers to provide appropriate solutions for their mechanical testing and metallurgical testing needs. We are committed to providing low costs and fast turnarounds for all our customers. Common testing we provide for our steel manufacturing, foundry and forging customers include:

Image of entry door to Titan Metallurgy lab.