Metallurgical Chemistry Testing Services

Titan Metallurgy’s chemistry analysis will provide you with the chemical composition of your material, either on our state-of-the art in-house optical emission spectrometer, or at your location with our portable, on-site optical emission spectrometer. This allows us to analyze a wide range of materials, sizes, and geometries.

Metallurgical Chemistry Testing & OES Lab Services

Optical Emission Spectrometry (Spectroscopy) Basics

Optical Emission Spectroscopy is the science of interactions between radiated energy and matter.  Optical Emission Spectrometry is the application of that science. Optical Emission Spectroscopy operates on the principle of the excitation of electrons. Energy is supplied to the sample in the form of an electrical discharge. Electrons within the atoms of a sample move from their resting state to an excited state.

As they return to their resting state, they give off light energy split into wavelengths. The intensity of those wavelengths is measured and converted into an electrical signal that translates into a given weight percent of a specific element in the periodic table.

Both our portable and in-house optical emission spectrometers use the latest CCD technology to convert the light into electrical signals that provide quantitative compositional information. CCD technology enables full wavelength coverage, a robust optical design, and repeatable, reliable results. The full range of quantifiable elements and detection limits is available upon request.

Our Chemical Testing Options

In-House Chemistry Analysis

Our degreed metallurgists will obtain, process, and communicate information about the composition and structure of your metals using our metallurgy lab resources and equipment.

Portable Optical Emission Spectrometry

Titan Metallurgy offers many of our services on the go. Unable to ship a sample to us? Don’t worry, our portable on-site laboratory spectrometer is capable of analyzing over 20 elements with two chemistry analysis processes available, Spark OES, and Combustion Analyzing.

  • International testing standards of ASTM E415

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Metallurgical Chemistry Testing & OES Lab Services
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Please note: Titan Metallurgy typically focuses on metals for industrial use, although we do enjoy a bit of historical metallurgy from time to time. Unfortunately, we can’t date or value metals or minerals and don’t have the ability to test rock, ore, or meteorites.