Frequently Asked Questions

Titan begins recording turnaround time when samples are received at our door. Typically, we have turnaround time of 24-48 hours for metallurgical testing.

Yes. Just fill out the form on the Request a Test page and we’ll contact you by email or phone to answer questions and make other arrangements for a metallurgical test. When preparations are complete, we’ll be ready for your sample(s) to arrive at the lab. When they do, the clock starts for us to provide you with the fastest turnaround time in the business.

Yes. Titan performs micro-cleanliness to common international standards for determining the inclusion content of steel.

Yes. All of our laboratory reports, including digital images, are e-mailed to our customers. We also accommodate requests for hard copies.

Yes. Titan has contingency plans to outsource laboratory services to insure proper turnaround time for our customers in the case of an inability to perform any testing. Part of the contingency plans are to inform the customer as soon as a situation arises, and to wait for authorization from the customer before proceeding with any outsourcing of testing.

Yes. Titan owns high-speed turning centers to prepare 0.505″, 0.252”, and 0.160” tensile specimens to common ASTM standards.

Yes. Sometimes, sample preparation and destructive testing can lead to little or no sample material left over. If there is material left over, you can request that it be sent back to you. Titan will add the shipping cost to your invoice. If you do not request the return of your sample(s), any leftover material will be stored at Titan for up to one year after the completion of testing.

Yes. We truly understand the benefit of relationship building, and appropriate discounts for larger volumes of tests is one way that Titan can show appreciation to our customers.

Yes. The confidentiality agreement can be downloaded, signed, and faxed to Titan at (248) 398-1434. You may also scan and email us a copy at A Titan representative will sign the agreement and fax or email it back to you for your records.

Yes! This capability was added in the 4th quarter, 2018. We have a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with secondary and backscattered electron detectors, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), as well as the ability to use a low vacuum/ESEM mode for non-conductive or biological samples. Feel free to contact us about utilizing the equipment or us providing an analysis for you.

Yes, we perform Charpy Impact Tests. We have a Tinius Olsen impact tester which can test in either ft-lbs or joules.  Titan also has the technology to prepare samples for cold-temperature testing to -70°F, as well as a furnace to do elevated temperature testing.

Titan became an independent company in 2003, but our laboratory operated as part of the Eaton Steel Bar Company for several years before then. Eaton Steel was started in 1953, and prides itself on re-investment in capital and continuously exceeding its customers’ expectations. Our experience in the steel industry is one of our strongest attributes.

Yes. Please feel free to download, view, and print our terms and conditions.