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At Titan Metallurgy, we help you find practical solutions to technical problems, so you can get back to working smoothly, quicker. Based on our customers, we have a deep knowledge of the steel industry and can provide testing to common international standards with a quick turnaround time. We also test and provide analysis on other common metals and processes.

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Metallurgical Services

Image of metal sample undergoing mechanical testing.

We provide a variety of mechanical tests for various metals and components. We perform them on time, under budget and in accordance with international standards.

Closeup image of equipment used for metallurgical testing.

An inside look at the internal structure of metal components can reveal a variety of clues, so you can fix issues quickly. Our on-staff, degreed metallurgists comply with international  standards.

Closeup image of man using equipment to perform on-site metal analysis.

Our chemistry testing gives you a breakdown of the composition of your metal. Using our OES equipment, we can provide results at our lab or at your facility for over 20 elements.

Image of equipment used for nondestructive metal testing.

Know about flaws in your products before they hit the market. Our ultrasonic testing makes it possible, without eliminating your sample.

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