Charpy Impact

Charpy Impact Testing

Impact tests help to determine your material’s toughness and ductility at various operating temperatures. At Titan Metallurgy, we can perform Charpy impact tests to determine how your material will perform under these various circumstances.

Charpy impact test results tell you the amount of energy your metal absorbs during fracture. In the charpy impact test, a calibrated pendulum swings from a set height and strikes the machined sample, breaking it. The energy transferred to the material can be inferred by comparing the difference in the height of the hammer before and after the fracture (energy absorbed by the fracture event).

Samples are precisely machined before charpy impact testing and can be thermally controlled in an agitated chiller to -70° F to test the material’s performance under extreme conditions. We also have furnace capabilities to provide elevated temperature conditions. The charpy impact tests are performed to common international standards such as ASTM E23.

Charpy Impact

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